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Receive a PDF version of the FOCUS T25 SCHEDULE/CALENDAR for FREE.

"Focus T25 Schedule PDF" As you may be aware, the Focus T25 Workout has two components: The Alpha Phase and the Beta Phase. There is a complete Calendar to guide you through the entire 10 week program while you follow the workout on DVD. We have the complete Alpha and Beta Calendars here for you to download, including PDF version. Click on the image below to be taken to the Focus T25 Calendar page. You can also download the image versions below:

"Focus T25 Schedule"

Focus T25 Calendar – Alpha

"Focus T25 Schedule"

“Focus T25 Calendar – Beta

This is a very easy calendar to follow. As you can see, for both the Alpha and Beta schedules, the workouts are only during the week. The weekends are for resting. We also have a convenient PDF version if you need a handy version you can print and carry around with you. It is important that you spend the time on saturdays to update your progress in a journal or whatever medium is convenient to you. There are tools on the Beachbody website that will also help you track and monitor your progress. Be sure to take advantage of them. This is because your before and after stats are important part of your story and you should spend the time to document your experience.



  1. Jessica says:

    Just ordered the T25! Excited about the workout. I will update my post after using it for a couple days. Love the idea that you only have to workout for 5 days 25 minutes a day! Fabulous!

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