Is there a Focus T25 delta phase?


We have received a lot of emails from our readers asking if there is a Focus T25 Delta Phase. The question makes sense, since if you follow the titles of the DVDs – Alpha Phase, Beta Phase and Gamma Phase, one would think the next release will be a Delta Phase if you follow the Greek alphabets. That speculation is also consistent with how Shaun T has released DVDs in the past. If you look at the Insanity DVD, there is the base package, then there are additional releases that take the workouts to the next level, like the Asylum series. Additionally, if you look at the Gamma program, you will find that it incorporates some of the workouts from the Alpha and Beta phases, which means there is always the possibility to create additional programs – by making advanced level versions of some of the exercises in the Alpha, Beta and Gamma phases.

"Focus T25 Delta Phase"

But we think the biggest evidence that there will be a Focus T25 Delta Phase release is a hint that is found at the back of the Gamma DVD package. See the image above. You can see the section that says “What Comes After Gamma? Delta….Time To Learn The Greek Alphabet”. If there is any evidence there is going to be a Delta program, this is. So, let’s hope that that Shaun T is hard at work at releasing this most anticipated addition to the popular T25 program.

Are you looking forward to Delta? Have you already completed the first 3 phases? Please comment below.



  1. Krista Engram says:

    Please release the Delta phase. Need to keep it interesting and variety is the key to losing weight and getting fit. Since I personally have very stubborn fat cells, a delta phase may help me with getting out of my plateau.

  2. Celeste Klinger says:

    Yes, definitely! I’m about to finish the Gamma phase and I don’t know what’s next for my workout.

  3. Bruce Spence says:

    From someone who had a “sneak preview” of Delta:

  4. michael camilli says:

    I have done the gamma phase two times now. I can tell my body needs another change. Please release the delta phase so we can keep the excitement alive.

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