Focus T25 Schedule

We have received several emails about the Focus T25 Schedule and Calendar. If you are one of those people that like to pin your workout schedule on a board and use it as motivation and preparation, we can totally relate. We have compiled an easy to to print T25 Calendar to help you take on this exciting program and get the body you deserve. The T25 Workout program is a 10 week program, broken down into two phases: The Alpha and Beta Phase. Get the program now, on for $119.85.

Focus T25 Alpha Program Schedule/Calendar

The Alpha program is a 5 week program that is meant to condition you for the much more robust Beta program. Below is the Alpha Schedule.

"Focus T25 Schedule"

Focus T25 Alpha Schedule

Focus T25 Beta Program Schedule

Similar to the Alpha schedule, the Focus T25 Schedule – Beta is a 5 week program that builds on the gains made in the Alpha program. You should not do the beta program if you have not done the Alpha program as you will be going in the opposite direction than the program prescribes and may be more harder than if you start with the Alpha and make your way steadily to the more advanced Beta program. Below is the Beta Schedule.

"Focus T25 Schedule"

Focus T25 Schedule Beta

T25 Focus Review
The Focus T25 Workout program is generating a lot of buzz in the fitness world due to the results people are seeing. You should read our Focus T25 Review and watch videos of Shaun T himself going through the reasons why he created this workout and what you can expect to get out of it. We also show you a comparison between this workout program and the Insanity program. You will also see pictures and videos of real users of the program and the amazing results they are seeing as they go through this 10 weeks of life changing fitness regime.

Buy Focus T25 Now!!!
Buy the DVD now, and it will be the best fitness investment you’ve made in a while. It’s only $119.85 on If you have heard about Insanity but did not have 60 days to commit to a workout regimen – for whatever reason (work, travel, kids, business etc), this program is for you. It is 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 10 week. Some of us spend 25 minutes in the morning getting coffee. You can surely spend 25 minutes during the weekday to get in shape – and get the body you’ve always wanted but have been unable to get until now. Click the image below to buy now. "Buy T25 Workout DVD"


  1. Sal Nacci says:

    Are Fridays double workout days?

  2. Nerra Jo says:

    what’s going to happen if I skip one day..? Can do it on weekend or.. ?

    • rkjo84 says:

      then you are totally screwed and you must start over from the very beginning.

    • Andrew says:

      I’ve missed several days. I do a double the following day(s). It’s hard, but keeps you motivated to not skip. You can also use the weekends. You do NOT need to start from the beginning.

  3. Rahat Masud says:

    What if i do Alpha round twice….?

  4. Rahat Masud says:

    If u need to loose fat..i think u need to do Alpha round twice..coz…Beta is for building muscle…

  5. Shannon Smith says:

    anyone looking to get in shape in 2014 with T25 visit

    • Stepfordton says:

      I saw your website. Nice. I feel like everyone should work out for health! But I don’t want to lose any weight, just tone everything, and become stronger, more flexible, and have more energy. Do you know of a website for that?

  6. Alexis Topolu says:

    You should buy this, but not from Amazon. Be sure to get a coach from BeachBody. Also you will get a better price and extra items or workouts buying from BB directly

  7. Jackie says:

    What if I don’t want to lose weight but just tone up?

    • Stepfordton says:

      YES! That is exactly me too! I don’t want to lose any weight, I just want to tone up.
      Did you receive answers?

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